life pass filter

Expect plenty of Gare du Nord mentions in the coming weeks, so many in fact that we strongly suspect you’ll be a tad swept along by all the love poured upon this bijou label with words of fancy for releases by Anton Barbeau and the Cold Spells to come soon. For now, a wonderfully wayward gem from Life Pass Filter, a Lille based duo comprised of Antoine Boucherikha and Anne Hélou who together have crafted a loving future note to celebrate the first born of the inner circle of close friends, Joseph Chevalier-Poher. ‘Joseph’ provides for a musical time capsule of sorts for the infant as an adult, for here five tracks stir with a crooked lo-fi lullaby lilt each possessed of a lightness of touch and a glowing hushed close intimacy that whisper and woo in equal measure very much recalling to these ears at least, the Microphones. Here you’ll find the cool lazy eyed shimmer of ‘hello little man’ rubbing awkwardly though hitherto affectionately to the hiccupping lock groove lollop of the smoky tones of Reich and Riley re-translated, as were, by an all star gathering of Elephant 6 Collective types. All said, hands forced up the back, we here must admit to being a tad smitten with the sunsetting seafarer that is the parting ‘lullaby’ with its marooned mosaics of tropical south sea hideaways and radiant sprays of lazy eyed reclines.  Quite perfect if you ask me.

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