hannah epperson

This ‘un came with an attached note that read – ‘How’s it going? I thought you might like a new artist we’re working with called Hannah Epperson’ ….. of course those of you with memories stretching back a Christmas or two, might well recall us falling head over heels for Ms Epperson’s enchanting yuletide twin set for the Snowflakes Christmas Singles Club – see here – https://marklosingtoday.wordpress.com/2016/12/05/hannah-epperson/ . latest heart flutterer be ‘20/20 (Amelia)’ a track taken from her forthcoming ‘Slowdown’ set for Listen Collective, an intricately woven and hitherto bewitching sweetheart that draws heavily on a shapeshifting musical framework that imagines the spirit of a youthful Kate Bush possessed by Grails, herself reading notes from a Stealing Sheep diary whilst skipping and skulking impishly amid a magically radiant and enchanted landscape populated by a panoramic mosaic of melodic motifs crafted by a gathering of Reich, Nyman and Sakamoto talents, the effect made all the more adorable by its continual twisting and turning push pull dynamics and noir folk tethering. https://soundcloud.com/hannah-epperson/2020-amelia

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