Again, not sure if we’ve previously touched on this, if not then fill your boots with its mind dissolving astral planning, if on the other hand we have, well goes to show you that you just can’t keep a good slab of spacey dandiness down. This is new through fuzz club by Dreamweapon entitled ‘mashinne’ taken from their recently released ‘SOL’ full length. Far be it for us to say that this has a whiff of the Sunray’s about its wares, another name from a long list of missing in action folk of late, fear not we will do some rummaging and report back in due course. Anyhow, back to Dreamweapon, you might want to buckle up for this because it really is a tasty slice of trip-a-delica, 11 minutes in length, a complete mind expansive and out of body astral work out amid whose reclining raptures of trance toning mystic mosaics one or two of us just might not be returning back home from.

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