Expect occasional Polytechnic Youth sightings in the coming days, in fact there may be a few parked rather hastily after this one, or as the case may be, two tracks from Middex, an oldie and a newie both of which as far as I recall, we haven’t featured thus far. Isn’t there meant to be an album out, guess we’ve missed that one too in all the recent hullaballoo – ho-hum. Anyhow first up, ‘Yiewsley’ – the most recent visual posting, finds the Middex folk in a playful mood cooking up locked grooving lullabies from as were monochrome 70’s children’s TV mosaics, tis all very sparse and spartan though attractively alluring and hypnotic in a sleepy headed clock working type way.            

‘wayward tor’ on the other hand, we might well have encountered in a previous life, has the Middex dudes reverting to type and courting their familiar bleakly beset cold wave surveillance pop routine, an iced cold warning call both detached and isolationist, easily filed near early Human League mark one.

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