pull the plug

We do get a tad concerned when our favourite folk disappear from view without due care or so much as a postcard. Most recent transmission from Pull the Plug that we’ve been able to source is from 2 or 3 weeks ago, as ever a veritable feast of cool grooves and distracted chat with this particular broadcast featuring a brace of cuts from the Cool Greenhouse, a collective that I’m seriously minded to say deserve a little closer attention, ‘I cracked the egg’ being delightfully resplendent in all manner of mystical woozy and 60’s trippy all mixed with an angular 70’s vibe that initially comes across very Artery before blossoming into something very early Teardrops – as in Explodes. Of course, before that there’s the small matter of a rather spiffing cover / tribute to the recently parted Mark E Smith with a near faultless interpretation of ‘I’m into CB’ – a track which I must admit we’d totally forgotten how good it was, the original being a one-time turntable hogging constant way back in the day, in fact we’d go as far to say so good is this version that you’d be hard pressed to separate the blighters with a rizla paper. Following that a track from the latest Lake Ruth lovely for feral child which I’m sure in our absence we’ve managed to secure a download for, safe to say reviews are forthcoming. Anyhow this be ‘Julia’s call’ which just between you and me has something of a timeless tastiness adoring its being, these ears picking up a definite forlorn Melys likeness albeit here as though retrimmed by a youthful Soundcarriers all swallow diving sumptuously into the pursuing kosmische love rush of Jane Weaver’s ‘the lightning back’. Sewer Side round out matters to the end groove with a spot of nifty 60’s lo-fi freakbeat-y-ness entitled ‘Wire’ – safe to say so smitten around here that we are firing up the google search engine as we speak in search of more nuggets to annoy / adore. https://www.mixcloud.com/Resonance/pull-the-plug-22nd-february-2018/

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