Déclenchement Visages

Meanwhile back at feeding tube records, who we mentioned just a moment or so ago in passing, well loosely in that we mentioned meadow house, last out the door from this Massachusetts imprint, some unsettling tidings of unjoy from Déclenchement Visages. Frayed, fried, delightfully distracted and somewhat skewed is how you might prefer to view your first acquaintance with the twelve-minute freeform hi-jinks that is ’6.14.14’ – everything from frequency manipulations, ghostly intonations from the other side and a general all around oddness is present and in attendance here, all of which we suggest not to be listened to alone, at night in the dark which sadly we’ve just done with the result of near scaring and weirding the bejeezus out of us. Ho hum. https://feedingtuberecords.bandcamp.com/

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