pull the plug

Seems great minds think alike, there we were worrying about the impromptu absence of the pull the plug folk from the airwaves and along pops a slightly delayed, yet all the more welcome sonic communication that includes two cuts from a Polytechnic Youth seal of approval’d platter by Middex with the inclusion of the icy ‘wayward tor’ and the readily more playful ‘yiewsley’, both of which we mentioned a day or so ago here. Sandwiched in between these brutalist bookends a dusting of meadow house whose ‘cutting’ seems as apt a sounding track for pull the plug as we’ve ever heard in so much as it a courts a distractively darkly weaved and dare we say, somewhat skewiff and off timed wonky folk lullaby that sits and grimaces somewhere between Lupen Crook channelling throbbing gristle / psychic TV, certainly something worth checking out if that is you can get past the grim reverie of it all. Next up Polymer Cities, who I suspect between all the absences and the various hullabaloo have sent downloads for albums we’ve inadvertently mislaid on the hard drive, anyhow this be ‘Data Rot 5’ which unless we’ve mistakenly had a knock to the head we weren’t aware of, sounds to these ears like some trip-a-delic slice of laid back psych funk mellowed uber chilled woozy monsterism island waywardness with cocktails served by the Beach Boys, I kid thee not. Last up, discounting that is the aforementioned Middex farewell, an oldie from Virgin Crunch with the excellently named ‘abortion of chips’ which if anything ought to appeal to you Midwich Youth Club / polymer cities and soft bodies loving folk and by rights ought to be brought out of the shadows of obscurity and dragged kicking and screaming into the light for a more considered appraisal. https://www.mixcloud.com/Resonance/pull-the-plug-15th-march-2018/

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