interlude …. record store day

Interlude …. Record store day ….

Not as fearsomely dull as we’d been led to believe, agreed there’s a fair amount of tat and unfathomable rehashing of stock, but this year’s Record Store Day listing isn’t quite the barren wasteland of hopelessness, did we see new stuff from the High, their first recordings in over 25 years, still fond of ‘up and down’ around these here parts. Somewhere else and loosely connecting the High, some pre-Stone Roses handiwork from Mr Squires dating back to ’82 featuring two tracks recorded by the Waterfront. High on our wants list, a clear vinyl double disc set by Daughter. Now I’m not so in touch with video games, but apparently ‘life is strange – before the storm’ backdrops the critically acclaimed Deck Nine graphic adventure video game of the same name. Doctor Who completists have the choice of 2 rare narrative soundtracks through Demon in the shape of the Baker adventure ‘City of Death’ and the legendary Troughton tussle ‘the tomb of the cybermen’, the former scored by Dudley Simpson was co-written by the late Douglas Adams whose writing credits for the Time Lord would culminate in the aborted ‘Shada’ story. The set appears on green vinyl, a two-hour story with linking narrative by Lalla Ward and featuring newly commissioned artwork and liner notes. As to the latter release, the Time Lord’s third meeting with the half machine half man foe, again first time on vinyl, a two-hour long story with linking narrative by Fraser Hines all pressed on silver vinyl replete with liner notes and exclusive artwork.

Ever reliable on these RSD specials, Silva Screen roll out a crop of must have releases with the appearances of ‘the omega man’ and ‘the changes’ soundtracks, the latter mentioned a Paddy Kingsland scored set for the ’75 aired Children’s TV show, by all accounts first time on vinyl. In addition, a coloured wax 7 celebrating the work of Bernard Herrmann with the appearance of both the lead titles of ‘Vertigo’ and ‘North by North West’ – the former mentioned, by our reckoning, one of the finest scores ever, just check out the dissipating dream like demur of the ascending strings as they reach to a plateau and then seductively fall away at the 1.06 point – sheer heaven like.

Damn we could go on, there’s over 400 releases, eye catching Johnny Cash box sets, black and white vinyl pressings of a pre Joy Division Warsaw, Wire box set, rare Jansch pressings, new Richard Youngs exclusive to RSD, Shocking Blue album, Small Faces single and coloured wax refit of ‘Ogdens’, exclusives from the Liminanas  fuzztones album and 7 and a plethora of Bowie rarities, oddities and goodies …. full list of releases at while the latest issue of Long Live Vinyl has a specially cobbled together 32 page official guide ….

Daughter ….


Dr who ….

The high ….

North by north west’ ….

Electric wizard ….

‘vertigo’ …

Johnny cash ….

Nico …

Durutti column …..

Steve ellis / the love affair ….

Ennio Morricone …

Duke reid all stars …

Pink Floyd…..

There’s a version of this … the legendary rejected Warner Brothers album by the Residents ….

Elsewhere a by all accounts killer compilation put out by Wharf Cat records entitled ‘ACLU benefit compilation’ which alas features nowt by these dudes ……

Porno sonic …

Zero 7 ….

Gershon kingsley ….


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