Next up two tracks from Polypores that we managed to source via you tube, in truth a by way of an apology as we are yet to finish writing up fond words for his recent polytechnic youth set ‘the impossibility’, something which all good homes deserve and should be sporting alongside another missing in action release by the equally perfect the Heartwood Institute. Anyhow, first of the tracks up on the inspection blocks is ‘rapture of the depths’ which has something of an old school Polypores sonic DNA to its craft as it tunes its radar into Radiophonic Workshop frequencies, upon this icy and somewhat isolationist pulsar, chilled future visions ghost and flicker amid its dead heading tail processing a siren like machine murmuring to its fixed point drone dream machine mesmeric. Hints of Echoboy c ‘scene 30’, Add N to X and Numan’s brooding machine marauding dystopia a la ’Replicas’ are not lost whilst neither is Bowie cold crystalline precision of ‘Low’ on this deeply immersive trance toned goliath.


Recorded way back last November, here’s Polypores captured live for what is a decidedly demurring slice of kosmische classicism that across 25 minute of cerebral chill manages to locate itself on a straying sonic outpost that dissects the pathways of Carpenter, Vangelis, Tangerine Dream and Jarre with sublime seamless aplomb.

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