the corrupting sea

Been a little while since we mentioned the Corrupting Sea, before our impromptu break, something of an ever present in these somewhat distracted musings. Here he is paired up with Myopic / Motorcade man Jeff Ryan for a recent appearance on Tam Laird’s ‘fade to yellow’ for what is a double jointed extended piece, essentially two tracks – ‘Darkness’ and ‘Anti-Fascism’ seamlessly swallow diving into each other. A more ambient phrasing possesses this brace of cuts, the initial setting studded by an eerily spectral countenance of ice formed choral curvatures ghosted upon sparse pillows of petrified apparitions that sumptuously bleed without warning into dreaming wells of serene celestial jubilance, poised, precise, balletic even and all wonderfully expansive, perhaps deserving to be described as a sleeping serenade for stars. The set however, rounds out ominously to the darkly stark and stilled chill of a deeply disquieting psychotronic foreboding.

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