permanent clear light

Oodles of fruits de mer grooves to plough through in the coming days, tenth anniversary celebrations not -withstanding However, first up on the inspection blocks a rather dandy three track from permanent clear light. Providing a sneak peek into the inner creative workings of Finland’s finest, this trio of galactic garlands emerge fully formed from the second album recording sessions. As ever, strictly limited in number and on coloured vinyl to boot with a choice of sleeve variations, ‘Maurice n’est pas la’ shoehorns an immensely tripping 15 minutes tapestry of wigged out happenings onto its waxen grooves, lead out track ‘Maurice’ – described in passing as a healthy side serving of ‘astro funk’, provides for an 8-minute head scrambling colossus of pure cosmic finery, indeed funky like it promises on the tin yet all said sumptuously served, trimmed and housed aboard a gloriously immersive mind hopping astral gliding sonic star cruiser upon whose celestial voyage manages to pull, twist and connect the variously disparate dots of classic kraut, space rock, electronische and lunar prog into one humongous and hairy space road trip. Things being the way they are around these here parts, we’ve taken a shine to ‘one in five’, a super psychedelicised head hit, which nods to the Move and the Zombies aside, comes wonderfully flavoured in an authentic late 60’s phrasing and freakbeaty-ness. ‘this quiet smiling man’ rounds up the pack, into the bargain freefalling into the psychedelic drift smoke classicism these days much absorbed in the grooves of happenings by Anton Barbeau and Jack Ellister, the floral mosaic buttoned to the end incidentally, is to die for, just saying like.

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