open field

Those of you with a fondness for the Earlies will do well to seek out at your earliest convenience bliss kissed loveliness aplenty in the shape of what we assume to be Open Field’s second full length entitled ‘O.F. II’. In fact a little detour over to the Static Caravan page alerts us to the fact that the set’s opening two cuts are to feature on a strictly limited lathe pressed 7 inch shortly, an edition of 99 we believe, Anyhow, that Earlies-esque cuteness goes by the name ‘Negative Panic’ – a kind of cosmic hymnal ever so slightly sprayed in the stuff that you might well expect to find holding up the stars in the night sky, certainly smoking and mellowed of that there’s no denying with a base application of Soft Hearted Scientists and the Homescience delicately daubing the mix for good measure. Accompanying ‘negative panic’ on the limited lathe you’ll find the roving shoe shuffle of the prairie drifter that is ‘W.B. in reverse’ with its woozy dials set for bliss amid a lolloping framing of swooning pedal steel opines, quite perfect if you ask us. However, while you there, be sure  to check out the knock you out speechless ‘elements’ – best thing here by some distance, a wonderfully lilting folk mystic tuned to a Spacemen 3 designing though that’ll be Spacemen 3 as re-imagined by a very youthful Tunng.

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