temple ov saturn

A quick note from Roger Reverb Worship to say that a new splinter label is about to roll, an electronic only imprint going by the name sleep FUSE. First release is imminent, next week we hear and will feature first up, an offering from New York’s Temple ov Saturn. As ever each release arrives limited in nature, us being impatient to hear more, we had a ramble and rummage around the internet as you do, turning up Temple ov Saturn’s self-released debut, a four-track offering collectively titled ‘initiate’. Had I listened to it blind I’d have warranted a guess that this was some future happening set to emerge on the esteemed Boring Machines imprint – whose next release incidentally, is being mooted as a new whole of something else from Heroin in Tahiti. Anyhow back to Temple ov Saturn who it appears seem to delight in crafting sounds that stir ominously from the shadows, not as fraught or claustrophobic as say, releases emanating from out of the Aethertic imprint, yet still cooled in a remoteness or rather more an isolationist sparseness that suggests you might want to reconsider any foolhardy notions of night time listening, for here cloaked in darkness, at least three of this sets number occupy a place rested between dream and reality, built upon prowling pulsars, they prowl with watchful intent, bleak / oblique relaying subliminal messages into an enveloping void only emerging into the  light briefly on the coiling slow-mo hypnosis of the Kranky-esque ‘the Goddesses’. That said, best moment for us is the parting ‘the first degree’ with its subtle dub dusting channelling some would be mid -way melting pop linking Psychic TV, 70 Gwen Party and Depth Charge. https://templeovsaturn.bandcamp.com/releases


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