As you can imagine in our absence there’s been a positive plethora of releases for us to busily catch up on, so while we crank ourselves and these cobbled words into some kind of resemblance of a review, itself a trying activity, i’d just like say that thus far in the last day or so, keynote releases you should be tuning your headspaces into are two killer things from ERR REC in the shape of a cassette outing from Stephane Laporte and a truly spiffing compilation entitled ‘espaces urbains’, in addition add to your listening list a new thing from Sophie Lowther through Front and Follow, which aside being typically sublime also finds Ms Lowther operating in electronic environs so far ahead of her contemporaries. Dare we mention new things from Trunk namely ‘Spider Jazz’ – basically library music that inspired the 60’s Spiderman animation, oh and a few stunners from the Dark Outside and a little something from the Essex Green. All to come soon. In the meantime, we’ve been a tad obsessed with the latest Wand video / track ‘pure romance’ – out through sonic taste makers Drag City. One for these hot summer days, superbly chilled and blissed kissed not to mention seductively swathed in silken early 70’s essences aplenty that fizz and flicker with a softly shimmering psych tweaked power popping pout, a bit of a doozy if you ask me.

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