dom clark trio

Alas no links on this one just yet though you won’t be at all to surprised to hear we’ve momentarily lost the message that was accompanying this ‘un.  In fact, you might well recall us mentioning these folk, Dom Clark Trio be their name, a few months ago when from out of nowhere and likewise accompanied by a little note, ‘undercover’ dropped in our laps causing a fair degree of swooning I can tell you. Anyhow, due for release shortly, shall we call it, say two weeks, ‘old soldiers’ cuts a cool shape for itself, as previously still smoking yet here matured in a breezily mellowed vibe that draws subtly to an early 70’s phrasing to sumptuously blend, forge and twist a drifting and lilting cocktail of brass parped country side rustics whose out of step vintage and nostalgic seasoning is indelibly threaded with a seductive soulful etching that purrs with quiet unassuming classicism.

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