the tape circle

Happened across on a rare though long overdue rummage around bandcamp, this is New York based the Tape Circle who, as far as our memory reports back to us, haven’t as yet until now that is, troubled our listening space. Anyhow the information on them / him / her is scant, read non-existent all of which enhances the appeal and furthers the mystery, as to the sounds, well just one on this quick pass by entitled ‘Anneliese Exorzismus’, is unless our ears do seriously deceive, a shadowy dark heart forged by the sounds of things in some unholy ceremonial ritual resulting from a tryst between Preterite and the Hare and the Moon ‘and has all the darkening detail as to suggest it’s Godparents comes formed from an alliance of  Reverb Worship and Boring Machines types. Rest assured there will be more visits.

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