john barry

I’m suspecting I’ve missed something of a trick here for while wiling away the wee hours yesterday rummaging for stuff we’d missed / overlooked / partially ignored during our prolonged absence, we happened across a score by John Barry which as far as I recall, I’d never been hitherto aware of it’s existence. This being Barry it goes without saying it’s immaculate, the swooning strings and arcing orchestrations forging a sublime sonic symmetry that’s subtly indented with the vague daubing of an ethnic tongue (see ‘professional crumble’) and while it would be true to say that for the Barry admirer there’s nothing here that surprises (or is there) given it literally oozes with keynote Barry tropes and wide screen awareness not to mention being sumptuously wrapped with curvaceous romantic reclines whilst on occasion revisiting old Bond foils (the use of wind instrumentations on ‘night in the outback’). That said, you do get the grace fallen silken light touch of the chorals serenading within ‘the three of us’, the quite captivating symphonic splendour of ‘together at sunset’ and just for those among you thinking Barry always played with a straight bat, the initial moments of ‘electronic dance’ are alone worthy of the entrance fee especially if your chosen sonic bag perks to an aural collage hazed in tripping tablas, jazz trance, psychedelic wooziness and a liberal serving of wayward wigginess. Guess that means it’s essential.

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