present at the terminal ….

We’ll be back with this before the weeks out I promise. Kicking myself all the same, that we’re a little late to the party on this having missed out the strictly limited cassette pressing and all this despite a lovely message from Dollboy earlier in the year – as I recall – given us a heads up on his ‘rites and rituals’ outing on the same label. That said missing out on the sticker was the most crushing blow. Mentions for this – the Dollboy release and not the sticker – will hopefully appear sometime next week. Anyhow for now, we just want to serve notice so to speak, on two of the sets essential guests. First up, the Heartwood Institute, a note from Jonathon following ion from our mention of the Dandelion Session release through Reverb Worship that he’s currently afoot with recordings for his new album the fruits of which will at some point appear via the hugely admired polytechnic youth imprint.  With its wonderfully carved pastoral pageantry and heraldic pressing there’s a nostalgic romanticism in the old ways steeled upon ‘Sunbiggin Tarn’, its airy floral dance charmed wistfully and mourned with the ghosts of an England long since lost. There’s scarcely enough coughing, weeping and wailing on releases these days, a fact that irks us to the point of sleepless nights, likewise the absence of whistling, nose flutes, yelping and the lighting of cigarettes all of which – the latter four mentioned that is – sadly don’t appear here. I refer of course to the opening salvo by Teresa Winter entitled ‘a wedge shaped core of darkness’ which I must admit had me squarely back in my former and far younger state watching numerous films and stage plays of the Scottish play whilst studying it for some GCE level or such thing which now looking back in latter life served absolutely no point in navigating life’s long and arduous road. I digress. I of course refer to the scene with the three witches upon which this particular track seemingly mirrors, its darkly chilling passing a wonderfully shadowy gothique ceremonial steeped, stirred and supernaturalised in the finest tradition of Brit folk horror. Easily filed alongside your prized the Hare and the Moon and Preterite pressings I would have thought.

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