reverse family

World Cup songs, what’s the general consensus. Me personally, I hate them with a passion, three lions, that New Order tosh and that’s before we even scratch a little deeper and go all Waddle and Hoddle on you. Hard as it is to imagine but they’ve often proved more embarrassing than the national team we put up every few years and entrust with the nations hopes, the payback being that an early doors exit is always on cards and that your gut feeling, another chalk up for the Germans, ends up taking the prize while the Football Association shuffle to fumble some vague excuse as to a work in progress. A fifty-year work in progress not ‘arf but what do you expect from a country that excels at mediocrity and no we won’t mention Brexit, what a cock up that’s proving to be. All said, I’m quite buoyant about this year’s world cup, I’ve accepted we won’t win it, I’ve faith in the manager and the squad, the goalkeeper situation irks me a bit but hey ho if the ten in front of him do what they are meant to do, he should have a relatively easy run. Quarter Finals and I’ll be happy. So why am I wittering about the World Cup, only that Andy from the Reverse Family has been in touch with details of a video showcasing a forthcoming download only single, a kittle World Cup baiting that’s what we need in our life right now and to stuff it is. The animated video pretty much portraying everything you need to know about Leeds United in the early 70’s – I swear we spotted Giles and Hunter in there. The sounds, well as some wit once said, it’s a game of two halves in so far as yes, disappointingly it’s a football song, but secondly and more importantly, it’s a good ‘un, for ‘we are the team’ is wonderfully scuzzy, no kid pop sing-a-longs here, just pure unadulterated post punk edginess birthed of a parentage of Public Image LTD and Magazine types all soldered to an austere blank generation spiky sparseness that’s both wirily chilled and somewhat gouged in a superbly subliminal acuteness.

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