Sorry but before you ask there are sadly no sound links on this one just yet. Proud as punch to be given a sneak listen of this, a two tracker still in its demo stage that’s being prepped for limited issue at the forthcoming Fruits de Mer ‘16th dream of Dr. Sardonicus’ festivities Featuring two cover versions of noted Goth classicism, Pete Sendelica in one of his many alter ego’s sets to work exhuming both Sisters of Mercy’s ‘temple of love’ and Bauhaus’ epic ‘Bela Lugosi’s dead’. It’s the latter that we stray first, in any well-ordered regime, having the temerity to cover a Bauhaus track might be seen by many as foolhardy at the very least a treacherous tightrope walk certain of disaster for Murphy and Co at the height of their powers where alone, no comparison and operating in a sonic universe created and inhabited by them and for them alone. Upping the chill factor a notch or two and applied with an unravelling psychotronic gouging, there’s a post punk frenzy rising here that literally rears to choke it in a glooming claustrophobic straightjacket. As to their cover of Sisters of Mercy’s ‘temple of love’, always a favourite in our gaff, the ’84 original as opposed to the rather more inferior Ofra version from the 90’s, there’s something coolly predatory afoot here. Slowed to the feintest of pulses there’s a close intimacy stirring here whose swathing intoxicating haze purrs intensely with a distractive lust like rubbing. Easily filed alongside your prized m1nk sounds.

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