audio albion

Just started reading Stephen’s promising tome ‘wandering through the spectral fields’ in tandem with ‘discovering Scarfolk’, ‘England’s Dreaming’, ‘seasons in the sun’ and ‘not in front of the children’ – so that explains the nightmares and the bizarre 70’s obsessed nostalgia – whilst reasoning with a failing laptop and likewise trying to secretly understand cat given our feline friend has of late, become increasingly vocal to the point that I’m getting concerned that I’m being scolded for some minor misdemeanour or other, its what the enlightened refer to as multi-tasking. Anyway, back to the book briefly which in an around about way leads us neatly to the latest report issued forth through his critically cool A Year in the Country imprint. Latest sonic missive goes by the name ‘Audio Albion’ – as ever available in both dawn and night editions, we’ll be sitting with this in the coming days for a longer listening session, yet for now treat this as a brief welcoming teaser with a twin set tasting of eerie. First up Keith Seatman who I’m certain whose latest has crossed our review desk during our recent absence, we will rest assured locate for loving shortly. For now, the haunting spectral that is ‘Winter Sands’ – one for the Melmoth the Wanderer admirers I would have thought, fashioned in twilight twinkles, its dissolving dream like palette chartering as were, mystical waterways beyond the veil, it’s here where nothing seems real, to world’s where imagination and dream collide into a perpetually shifting cortege seasoned in ghostly carousels and macabre mosaics. Propping up the rear entrance to this excellent set, you’ll find Vic Mars’‘Dinedor Hill’ removed of his trademark bucolic flavouring instead opting to forge a wonderfully psychotropic pulsar within whose core hive mind there sprays lost transmissions of as were, lonesome love noted distress calls into the cosmic ether, something which all said, had these ears appreciably joining the dots to Echoboy’s celebrated ‘scene 30’.set from a time when we were oh so much younger.

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