hey exit

plenty to get through as we wade the mountain of releases passing our way during these infrequent intermissions, one such outing of note, a new happening from Hey Exit which, if my scant info is all correctly lined up, is ready to emerge in full bloom via the impeccable Sonido Polifonico. Two things to say about this ‘un – firstly exceptional and secondly, unquestionably immaculate. Within you’ll find two versions of Satie’s ‘gymnopedie no.1’, both equally divine and nigh on impossible to separate in terms of a favourite with or without a cigarette paper, the lead out variant a dissipating mirage of elegance, poise and majesty in shimmering symmetry, utterly touching and turned to introspective maximum its ghostly flutters teased by the genuflecting choreography bathed delicately in bitter sweet melancholy, scarcely a dry eye in the gaff. Over on the flip, an exceptional reading of the same movement this time by Ambient Orchestra with Hey Exit man Brendan Landis providing accompanying guitar, steered into the realms of enchantment, a harvesting of a spectral woodland glaze comes to pass, where previously there was intimacy scratched in sorrow now appears a sleepy headed mistiness shrouded in cinematic refinery all clipped in a giving blossoming tenderness that’s traced upon an unfurling twilight toning. One for a quiet moment of lonesome reflection. https://heyexit.bandcamp.com/album/every-recording-of-gymnopedie-1        

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