the shildom hall tapes…..

Literally just taken delivery of the latest report posted by the A Year in the Country folk, so expect sightings of both ‘the Shildam Hall Tapes’ and its sonic sibling, the previously released ‘Audio Albion’ in full over the coming days. For now, though just a brief heads up for two of its number to get the appetites a-whetted so to speak. First up, occasional visitors to these pages, Pulselovers whose ‘the green leaves of Shildom Hall’ you’ll find propping up the exit of this re-imagined soundtrack of the mysterious incident. Much lighter in terms of toning, detailing and sound as to previous adventures, almost playful truth be told, beautifully evocative and airily floral not to mention tweaked in a lushly demurring and decidedly flighty and funky bossa nova styled lounge phrasing all sprayed by a wistful tease bucolic braids, simply irresistible. Equally beautiful, ‘Day 12, Scene 2, Take 3: Hoffman’s Fall’ which we assume is by the A Year in the Country folk themselves, is a gorgeously woven twilight apparition that manages seamlessly to align itself to the outer points of the ghost box realm, amid a becoming spectral haze, these chiming serenades shimmer in and out of focus to play tic tac toe with both the enchanted and the eerie. Further enlightenment via      

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