champion version – edition 3

And talking of Champion Version, fresh from another rare live event, here’s ‘version 3’ which I’m assuming replicates the track listing of a limited lathe issue available at the show, which if I’ve got my information wrong just kindly delete. As previously with these rare outings, a track each from the featured guests. Run Logan Run open up the proceedings with the hairily incendiary ‘would you mind leaving the room please’, a brief but altogether impacting entrance which if truth be told is best described as trying to imagine My Bloody Valentine doing a sonic screentest for the much-missed Brew and Gringo imprint, indeed heavier than anything on the periodic table. New to us, Il Santo Bevitore’s ‘Rosso Ocra’ might with one ear, appear to have had Fat Cat missing a sizeable trick for not featuring it on their forward thinking and occasional Split series, to the other ear, its mesmeric tribal rhythms tapping out an earth beat mantra who ancestral roots snake back to PIL’s ‘flowers of romance’. Last up for this visit, Minus Pilots serve up ‘South late winter dream’ one of those slow burn epics I’m afraid of the calibre that was once the domain of the much-missed Workhouse and something which I’m minded to say that admirers of Balmorhea might do well to seek out at their earliest convenience not least because of its sun scorched spraying of desert dry detailing and its rippling of forlornly seductive sorrowful opines.        

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