Admittedly a little late to the party with this but those of you keeping of a more-keener eye in matters Wire related couldn’t have failed to notice the extensive re-issue campaign that is afoot with special expanded editions of their classic first three albums appearing. No ordinary albums mind for ‘pink flag’, ‘chairs missing’ and ‘154’are considered the accepted cornerstones of post punk, Wire’s creative curve during the period at its highest point finding them peaking over the wall viewing the musical free space beyond punk’s restrictive domain. Expanded to a three-disc set, the special edition of ‘Chairs Missing’ is the definitive article of perhaps their most iconic full length featuring as it does a whole disc devoted purely to demos / alternative mixes and unreleased tracks from albums studio sessions. One track in particular, the set features two alternate takes, version 1 of ‘French film blurred’ has been leaked by the band as a teaser. A radically different version to the finished article, the more familiar with its teetering creep casting a kaleidoscopic unravelling always had me mindful of a youthful Barrett era Floyd with its down sloping chord progressions. Recorded some months earlier, ‘version 1’ is a totally different beast, a rush of adrenalin powered at speeding pogo pace into 78 seconds of acutely sharp, shouty and snotty rollicking rock-a-hula.

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