ben salisbury and geoff barrow

is this actually out yet, if so, on vinyl. Admittedly a little later to the party on this, near slipping beneath our radar only to be stumbled upon earlier today on an internet ramble following three hours of frantic attempts to get our Windows Update crashing laptop to work, do you find life tedious and pointless when you can’t jump online. Anyhow this comes taken from a recent silver screen wower ‘Annihilation’ which we are yet to see, by all accounts a rare sci-fi film with a clever thought provoking story board unlike the tosh I found myself giving up 90 minutes of my time for yesterday evening via the horror channel, some naffness to do with a deep-sea exploration mission awakening a slumbering alien intelligence, itself looking as though it had stepped out of the Muppets workshop, truly painful. Anyhow, rambling aside, this is ‘the Alien’ as we are led to believe the soundtracks curtain closer. By Ben Salisbury and Geoff Barrow, an immensely enchanting and hitherto eerie colossus whose, on one hand, chiming string corteges – much like church bell peels – seductively shimmer and arc to recall Sakamoto, yet on the other, whose backward loops and momentary occurrences of shadowy portent, ice form a sense of ominous overcasting the likes of which could be translated as an extra-terrestrial communication, itself a nod to ‘close encounters of the Third Kind’.

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