This new batch of Castle in Space releases really is, to use a well-worn expression, like being forced to pick your favourite child, but of the three currently getting deserved love and affection here, Concretism to follow soon, I must admit to slyly returning to the Sound Hog 7 inch time and time again. Limited though not a previously limited – see the twelve hour foundation, this ‘un comes pressed on a choice of colours – black or white with your standard bulging of inserts. We’ve been playing the superior sounding white vinyl mix, there’s a difference? heavens above of course there’s no difference, just looks better. Anyhow a two tracker from Sound Hog, better known to friends, kith n’ kin and government officials as Ben Hayes. The label describe the two tracks thus ‘One side is best experienced in a 1984 Austin Maestro, driving endlessly around Milton Keynes, from cassette. The other is best experienced in a 1974 Morris Marina, driving endlessly around Wolverhampton, from 8-track cartridge. I’ll leave you to decide which is which.” Which really does beg the question, put so well why bother reviewing. Well let’s just say they missed a few little things, like the way the opening track ‘Newtown Parkway’ manages as were, to take the Advisory Circle on a summery stroll amid the wiles of mid 70’s TV land whereupon through the hedgerows and thickets of pastoral posies a nostalgic nurturing breezily unfurls. All said though, best moment here is ‘Astrablast’, a lunar nomad tuned to Mk 1 Human League frequencies which with a nod to KLF via ‘Doctoring the Tardis’ adopts, ahem, Glitter’s glam chant ‘rock n’ roll 2’ forging from the gathered ingredients a hulking trip-a-delic kosmische mirror ball sporting an essential Tomorrow Syndicate t-shirt.  

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