not sure if these are commercially available or not, but heartfelt thanks to Paul Sonido Polifonico for sending over a little treat in the shape of a mini CD featuring two tracks from Pefkin. Typical of the patient craft of the label in producing eye catching spectacles, this dinky delight comes housed in a envelope replete with stamped Pefkin motifs, on the CD itself, two tracks recorded at a recent live appearance in Sheffield, ‘the crow’ and ‘jackdaws’ respectively. Those familiar with Pefkin will be all to aware that a degree of close intimacy attaches to her craft, often dreamlike and ethereal, she takes minimalism to a while new level creating in turn an almost church like majesty, ‘the crow’ I hasten to add does not disappoint, stilled and silent, the chamber atmospherics hang as though the gateway or more so, portal to a strange mysterious place, the effect is spiritual and hitherto enchanting, the electronic wisps accentuating an air of eerie regal courtship over which a narrative reading goes in and out with dissolving detail. With its entrance fluttering, the quietly majestic ‘Jackdaws’ is serviced with a beguiling spectral folk etching, perhaps the best of the brace if you’re asking, there’s something very Nico in its alchemy in so much as its sparse hymnal touch translates both as ghostly and seductive, the weaving string arrangements endowing it with a twilight like mysticism.  

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