prana crafter

further Eggs in Aspic happenings comes in the shape of a July outing for Prana Crafter, this ‘un in conjunction with both Cardinal Fuzz and Sunrise Ocean Bender, if memory serves me right, is getting the vinyl treatment as well as the limited cassette caboodle. Of course, the keen eyed among you will be all too aware of our fondness for the Crafter, his two previously limited tapes exacting a rare un-faded fondness ensuring a warm greeting and repeat each time they happen into view. Fear not there will be a revisit to ‘enter the stream’ his latest opus in due course. For now, two teaser tracks have been leaked into listening space, our favourite of which being the preferred off-road detour noodling out there and woozy ‘moon through fern lattice’. Pretty stoned stuff, suggestions of bongs purely a personal choice but safe to say imagine a seriously tripped out and cosmic Cooder and we’ll say no more other than note with a degree of wow the way the floaty riff dissolves dissipate in a would be chemical haze. Selling fast on pre order we hear.

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