honey pot

Out around the same time and on the same label, Honey Pot featuring co-conspirators the Icarus one and Crystal Jacqueline have a sort of rarities event occurring with the advent of ‘we will fill in the forms and mow the lawns’. Limited vinyl treatment on this one which I’m certain I’ve read somewhere is happening on the Fruits de Mer community imprint Friends of the Fish, sorry to sound so distracted and somewhat lax with the info but we are suffering serious technical issues with our laptop that should we dare to open up the shop page then it could well be the end of next week before everything loads. Anyhow, here’s a live take of ‘a fairy tale’ originally recorded way back in the day by Second Hand, given the Jacqueline and Co handling and with a spot of re-tuning, its given a smoking hot sassy progressively psychedelic shakedown that unless ears do deceive sounds not unlike a rampant Jefferson Airplane at full glorious tilt. https://soundcloud.com/mega-dodo/crystal-jacqueline-a-fairy-tale-live


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