icarus peel’s acid reign

Latest essential audio apparel from those mega dodo folk, all mind dissolving mosaics, dissipating noodles and super stoned, why this be the third eye tweaking happenings afoot in the Icarus Peel and his troop of merry pranksters Acid Reign with ‘be calm, becalmed’ – a track pulled from a forthcoming head fryer by the name ‘the window on the side of your head’. Sounds so zonked and trippy that I wouldn’t be too surprised at many suffering from flashbacks resulting from the acid fog rising from its grooves, super psychedelicised and lazily stoned they could have easily be bussed in from a cool late 60’s Elektra schedule. Jaw dropping and freaky. https://soundcloud.com/mega-dodo/icarus-peels-acid-reign-be-calm-becalmed

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