le super homard

obviously flashed beneath our radar earlier in the year while we were away, so apologies for arriving a little late to the table with this, but frankly, regardless of the fact its been out for a while, we just had to mention it. This is the latest from Le Super Homard who you may recall dropped that rather spiffing ‘Maple Key’ release for Mega Dodo a year or more ago. Peeled from their ‘The Pomegranate Tree’ EP this is the adorable ‘black diamond’ found here seductively smooching in the sun with Stereolab, Lake Ruth and L’Augmentation, something that’s sure to appeal to those much smitten with those 70’s vibed space lounge sounds emanating one time or other in the near distant past from out of the much missed Shado imprint of Italy. The sounds purred and dinked in smoldered shimmers of dreamy demurs all coolly calibrated for maximum wow, frankly do I need to continue.

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