the suncharms

Was there ever a more perfect fit, the recently resurrected Suncharms on Slumberland.  Of course, by a quirk of misfortune or rather more, tapes sent through the postal services going amiss, this was before the days of digital transferring, the Suncharms might well have found their natural home some twenty years ago or more, instead history took an unexpected left turn and on down a fateful cul de sac of oblivion. Now back, gigging and recording, seems the band in all these years had assumed Slumberland had run cold on those errant recordings, it hadn’t occurred to them to enquire whether the label had actually received them. Still, from Slumberland’s perspective, the door was still open and upon hearing of their reformation, were keen to have first dabs on the new recordings. Paired with ‘film soundtrack’, ‘red dust’ features on their returning double A sided 7-inch, as Geoff Static Caravan would no doubt say, it’s a bit of doozy that seamlessly peels back the years to shimmer and smoulder with the finest of those labels of the day such like Bus Stop, Summershine and of course, Slumberland. Wonderfully airless and hushed, fear not it giddies up towards the end wherein everything catches light ablaze in stratospheric bliss burns, before that though, there’s a drifting lazy eye chemistry acutely curdling much reminiscent of both a youthful Butterflies of Love and those stray adoring flip sides that used to hide unheard on old Verve platters. Welcome back.

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