air waves

indeed, you’ve probably been all over this like a rash and are now probably immune to its charms, but is it just me or are there moments here when it all goes Magazine-esque? Just me then eh? Anyhow, this is new through Western Vinyl who like the previously mentioned Heavenly imprint (see earlier missives) we have missed around here since falling off their mailing list and losing contact with their PR folk. This, as said, is a recent to their roster, by Air Waves feat. Kevin Morby, this is ‘Warrior’, something which I don’t mind admitting is causing a fair few attracting ripples around the gaff which Magazine references aside, from a fixed point and locked into its dead eyed stare manages to sound deceptively out of sync and somewhat dislocated whilst pressed upon a conspiring tag team of chugging riffs and some ear prickling analogue synth fanfares.

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