brian eno and kevin shields

Again, apologies for the occasional appearance of Record Store Day follies interrupting these missives, indeed you are all so over this. But for us, one of the rare highlights of that day’s release schedule was the limited appearance of a 12-inch set featuring the union of creativity between Messrs Eno and Shields. Now this is immense and just a tad quiet, so you might want to shuffle up a little closer for the sets main event, ‘the weight of history’. Part hymnal, more so spiritual, certainly a thing stirred from a time long forgotten, hang on a moment, seriously – do I hear the distant strains of ‘do you hear what I hear? – just me then thankfully’), a masterclass in restraint, poise and the utilising of empty spaces, very much forged with a primitive craft, its brooding atmospherics spared with a shadowy woodland ambi-drone ghosting, yet listen closely and just for a second you can hear the death chant of Charon as he carries the lost souls across the river Styx to the underworld. By way as your starter for 10, think Preterite and the Hare and the Moon.

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