the lucid dream

Here’s a step-change we weren’t expecting, a step-change not as radical a departure as you might first think. Truth is we should have been on to this ages ago since purchasing it a while back. Who knows, perhaps all the kerfuffle that’s been afoot here the last few months had distracted us, but would you believe we unearthed a stash of vinyl we gotten our mits on via a visit to Probe records a few weeks ago. Among the haul, a single sided twelve inch by the Lucid Dream via the holy are you imprint. Now ‘SX100’ might split opinion, the Lucid folk usually known for their pristine balls out psyched cosmic grooves, have on this occasion reigned back and opted to adopt a more, on initial reflections, acid house vibe to their hypnotic palette. Fear not psychedelia it is, just that the phrasing has been primed for club floor adoration, still the same mind altering mosaics only honed more intensely into a locked groove mesmerica  which reference wise, has a distinctive recalling of the Shamen’s metamorphous from hallucinogenic psychsters to trance troubadours. Still we’re onboard.

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