takahiro mukai

You can expect plenty of ERR REC fondness in the fullness of time, a recent raft of quality releases has been long overdue a deserved and lengthy mention. However, for now, can we draw your attention to their latest, just briefly. By Takahiro Mukai from a set entitled ‘cognitive dystopia’ this is opener ‘#386’, a little something that we had we not known beforehand would have half expected to emerge from the dark side of the Bureau B catalogue given it has that same propulsive playfulness that’s been found attaching of late to releases by anything remotely associated with Cluster man Hans-Joachim Roedelius with perhaps Tarwater joining in on the resulting musical melee with the results fed through the ‘rock it’ era eye of Herbie Hancock. True you’ve fallen for its moderately trimmed glitchy tech and yes, its oozing of robotoid remoteness, but then you miss the point of its subtle future-funk lining something that, the ERR REC folk rightly allude, you can dance to, though I suspect an army of kitchen appliances will be on the floor ahead of you in a positive display of loved up circuitry oblivion. https://err-rec.bandcamp.com/album/cognitive-dystopia

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