free / slope

Just out on Deep Distance in partnership with the Greek based Sound Effects imprint, kosmische kool from Down / Slope who you may well recall us going weak kneed about around this time last year. Sure to vacate stocks in super quick time, there’s just 500 of these going out. ‘Abracadabra’ arrives pressed on white wax all lovingly housed in reverse board sleeves. From the set, our smitten radar has been pummelled into submission by opening salvo ‘Universal (Deep Into Drift Mode)’ whose crystalline cosmic contouring, both seamlessly svelte and spacey, manages to navigate with controlled precision the vintage worlds of 70’s kosmick and with a momentary burst of thrusters sets the cruise control settings for cerebral chill out. Amid the wispy flotillas of tripping astral glides and the mellowing motorik murmurs, there’s a laid back stoned out ease afoot here that sighs, shimmers and soothes to the pristine calibration of finely tuned Tangerine Dream engineering.    


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