hate colours

Shadowy whispers and primitive earth beat pulsars all cut to a cold chilly outsider edginess that even their press folk appear somewhat weirded out by concluding it be ‘proper blissful creep out’. What can it all mean? Resurrected from a forth coming debuting set entitled ‘know nothing’ through the Armellodie imprint, this is Hate Colours some of whose number, well J.Turgenev at least, used to be the Douglas Firs. Heavy hints of oddness abound, ‘Skull Island’ the first track lifted from this August due apparition, arrives shrouded in would be ritualistic incantations and an overall disorientating vibe that has you imagining a dark arts practicing Battles (or the Neighbourhood for that matter) in the throes of a bad mushroom episode, its disquiet loosely circling and prowling a vaguely uneasy recall of Clock DVA and UK Decay albeit as though reanimated from the viewpoint of a darker minded Free School perspective.

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