Sadly, no track-listing for this, but hey isn’t that what discogs is for, aside of course nabbing prized vinyl to plug the holes in your essential listening. this is the latest from Matters, much admired and previously featured here to the advent of much swooning praise. A strictly limited release and I mean strictly, as there are only 50 of these being committed to lathe cutting – 25 on red wax and 25 on green with an additional CD which I guess is what’s making our ear space all a woozy. ‘night glow’ opens matters, a slow burning cosmic herald sent from hitherto distant galactic backwaters, in its wake radiant sprays of kosmische flotillas of brilliantine jubilance colour the heavens forging a cosmic celebration. More up close and personal in appearance and delivery, the mammoth and hulking beardy spacer ‘andon’ comes grooved in a strut gouged stoner motorik phrasing that seemingly cuts astral gliding shapes somewhere between a second album era Eat Lights Becomes Lights and Helicon. Mentioned in passing, somewhere here  the colossus that is ‘black mere’ is an immense serving of beautifully brooding atmos rock within whose titanic 10 minute visitation it manages to flip, rotate and dissolve amid a shape shifting myriad of manoeuvres to encompass elements of kosmische, prog, post rock and pure bliss driven white out, totally wig flipping if you ask us. ‘mauveine’ is left to draw a close on this considerable gathering, heavy on the atmospherics and spectral in design possessed of a vague KLF-ness in the initial greeting at least, its emerging kraut trance ghosting silently prowling the shadowy corridors between dream state and reality all seductively nailed to a glorious expansively vibrant and spacey giddy up bleached in chill toned symphonia that deftly draws kinship with the exquisite sound worlds of Free School which truth be told is no surprise given that this slow burn beauty features Free School’s Simon Weaver on engineering duties.

Main picture

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