cheval sombre

Oh my, you know how we’ve always dispatched releases by Cheval Sombre with an assortment of key words such as fragile, ghost like, spectral, wounded and bruised, well let’s just say he’s outdone himself on this occasion with two slabs of stop you in the tracks jaw dropped majestic cool. Shortly due to appear and no doubt disappear at equal speed on the Fat Elvis imprint in a limited edition of just 325 copies that’s comprised of blue, green and green splatter wax variants (though truth be told, the must have version is the 25 only hand pressed wax mage version – whatever that is). Featuring a more than welcome guest appearance on keys by Pete Kember (Sonic Boom et al), both ‘had enough blues’ and ‘hitch a ride’ find the Sombre one in a somewhat strangely upbeat mood, with the former of the cuts steering an almost spiritual / hymnal vibe that’s typically cooled in his by now, trademark airless and ethereal spiriting, the melodies floaty and vapor-esque whisper with a genteel 60’s soft psych stoning that presses upon it a deliriously fuzzy and mildly trippy afterburn. As is the usual with these things, our favourite cut sits over on the flip for ‘hitch a ride’ comes succulently smoked in all manner of mind altering psych blues dissolves and breezily reclining dissipates, a love note of sorts steeled with a becoming woozy bliss kissed intimacy and the kind of almost ghost like toning that finds it sitting prettily somewhere between Galaxie 500 and a very young Butterflies of Love. Perfection by our reckoning.   

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