the radiophonic workshop

Those of you taking up the bundle option or the monthly subscription of the latest issue of Electronic Sound, will have nailed yourselves a limited press 7-inch set featuring two tracks by the Radiophonic workshop, the first of which rescued from the tape archive of Delia Derbyshire, (discovered after her passing), ‘strange beacons’ is a curious dark star. Graced with a shadowy remoteness, there’s an isolationist eerie attaching here with the watchful chamber drones and disembodied voice loops conspiring to forge an icy and alien detachment, not dissimilar it ought to be said of Sonic Boom’s more insular and monochrome readings as EAR. Over on the flip you’ll find ‘mind the gap’, a collaborative affair that gathers together the talents of Messrs Mills, Pepper and Earland. Utilising the famous ‘mind the gap’ advisory warnings of the London underground and indeed inspired by those same subterranean travel arteries, the trio harness the platform psychosis (one minute crowded the next desolate and somewhat eerie and haunted) to great effect nibbling ever so slightly the Public Service Broadcasting albeit as though finitely re-tuned and rephrased through the lens of a ‘the box’ era Orbital whilst subtly nodding rhythmic canter of Vivian Ellis’ ‘coronation scot’ though it would have to be said, in a dramatically fragmented and updated way.    



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