deadly avenger / dali

Yes, I’m fully aware this sold out before the ink on the cassettes and the labels on the vinyl barely had a chance to dry, but we hear that a limited repress is afoot with new exclusive artwork. I talk of course about the recent gone in the blink of an eye occurrence by Deadly Avenger courtesy of ‘I am Godzilla, you are Japan’ through the very excellent Burning Witches sound house. We here have been well taken by both the interlocking brace ‘Skit_Ishiro’s Dream’ and ‘invincible preying mantis’ the former emerging as were, from the dark side of the favoured second half of Tubeway Army’s ‘Replicas’ more so, as though the former version of Numan had studiously carved a bleak futurist wasteland following watching the rushes of the original ‘blade runner’ film (and before you all start complaining that ‘Replicas’ was inspired by ‘do androids dream of electric sheep?’ – then don’t start). As to the latter mentioned, more of that surveillance tech chill groove I’m afraid though on this occasion fused upon a fixed point dead eye glaring motorik mirror ball and hollowed out with an edgy cybernetic chill. That said, those of you fully smitten and subscribed to those ‘lost themes’ sets by John Carpenter, might do well to seek out the parting opus ‘The Death of Ishiro’ – a bruised cinematic finale tearfully gouged and emotionally crushed. Scarcely left a dry eye in the gaff.

Now of course there was an underlying reason for us mentioning all this, it seems a new off shoot collaborative happening is afoot, it’s all very hush hush for now but promo videos are being leaked for a forthcoming Burning Witches beauty by Dali which hopefully by clicking on the following link you should be able to access and which if you can’t, let’s just say there’s something of an 80’s crystalline mellowness attracting and arresting here with the dreamy symmetry of its nostalgic trimming and bucolic dapples forging an lush yesterday landscape.

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