the crofters rights

Not quite sure where this ‘un fits in the grander scheme of things, these Champion Version outings usually appear as ultra-limited lathe pressings available to those attending their rare events, one of which we believe is due to occur very shortly, sometime August if our memory serves well. Anyway, this three-tracker – incidentally titled ‘the Crofters Rights’, was drawn to our attention by Jon Yellow6 who this year celebrates his 20th anniversary with the release of a colossal 5 CD set, more details about that in due course, found here opening proceedings with a track from that very set. ‘looking glass’ is phrased with a close touch pensiveness, those familiar with a youthful Gnac and earlier still back to Roy Budd will have a rough grasp as to where this is pitching its tent. The atmospherics torn and bruised, sigh as though a briefly passing memory opining in the quiet solitude of twilight moment, simply crushing stuff. Up next, Saltings serve up ‘cantilevers I’ and in so doing drop the mean temperature to chill point with this primitively sparse ghost light, much like a prowling leviathan, this dark star visitation glides ever watchful through the unseen spaces between the gaps to literally fill the canvas, in its wake hulking swathes of drone drift tones cloak its shadowed passing. Minus Pilot wrap up matters with ‘South Late Winter Dream’ which strangely enough we had cause to be wowed over the last time one of these CV salvos veered our way, which just in case you either missed, forgot or simply ignored featured here – still sounds like a slow burn quiet epic to us and certainly something that admirers of the very excellent Balmorhea ought to check out at their earliest convenience.

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