Cielo Oceano

Just out on digital download, Cielo Oceano feature the combined talents of Lugo brothers Tom and Andres (well we’re assuming their brothers – guess we’ll expect the complaint jottings very soon). The Tom half of the equation you might well know better as Stellarscope and Panophonic – both bands having made frequent visits to these pages in recent times. Anyhow, this ‘un comes primed from what we gather, will be a debuting EP primed for appearance shortly via Patetico Recordings. For now, ‘moth to a flame’ has been sent ahead on scouting detail. A typically bliss bathed bruiser replete with withdrawing sighs solemnly ghosting dream dazed corridors occasioned by rupturing ripples of radiating angel sighs which all said had us a tad pining to go out and reconnect with our treasured Chapterhouse platters.  

In addition, to further whet your appetites there’s this here promo video features sound snippets from the EP…… utterly disarming…..

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