the tape circle

the biggest annoyance of having a laptop crash and losing files isn’t so much the fact that all the music and word documents bar a few have been lost, most of these can be retrieved by other means however laborious, it’s the annoyance of losing bookmarks and links to releases you’ve briefly heard with a promise to come back to at some undesignated later point in the day, week or month. Releases such as this one for instance, which had we not happily tripped over again, would have no doubt gone unheeded and forgotten, the latest from Tape Circle entitled ‘Klaus Morlock and the Tape Circle’. Now Klaus Morlock should be no stranger to frequent visitors to these pages, this particular set comes possessed of a more crystalline 80’s vibe as previous (see ‘the gate’) but don’t be easily fooled for all the usual KM presets are present in attendance and abundantly so, the seductively willowy pastoral lines of the divinely demurring ‘entailed’ hint at once of mystery and enchantment as it switches mid-way through to a dreamy heraldic spray that ghosts loosely into the benchmark idents of the Heartwood Institute. Somewhere else, ‘fading light’ with its ethereal symphonic dissolves sweetly haunts with a sighing forlorn loss all crushed and grief stricken in reflection. For us though, the track that pricked and piqued our interest, the set parting ‘Celeste’ comes woven in a wonderfully alluring and tripping tapestry of hazy transcendentals and bliss kissing mesmeric mistrals, an eastern herald shimmered in whispering arabesques and dancing lights combined to evoke a mellowing progressive psychedelic tweaking third eye happening.

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