thom yorke

arriving in time for Halloween, Thom Yorke’s reimagined score for Luca Guadagnino’s remake of Argento’s classic 70’s slice of psychological disturbia ‘Suspiria’. Pressed on limited issue pink vinyl and likewise available on all other formats, XL recordings have sneaked out, by way of a teaser, the soundtrack’s key recurring theme ‘Suspirium’. Keeping both in the spirit of the original films ghost like score and emerging from the close intimate hidey hole of Radiohead’s more fragile persona, Yorke weaves a dream like apparition at once elegant and graceful, beautifully balletic and crushed in forlorn folk enchantment, its cantering corteges of undulating key flurries weaving a spell-setting lush toned amorphous bewitchment pressed upon a sighing and romantic classicist pirouette.   

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