house of daggers

many apologies, though more deep embarrassment on our side for somehow we omitted the house of daggers track from the recently posted woodford halse release. Due to some editing cock up and factors involving a very unresponsive laptop, seriously, the HP is as crap as any device you care to mention which despite being little over a month old will shortly find itself being cast adrift on ebay or gumtree if it doesn’t buck up its ideas sharpish. Anyhow, as said immense apologies to the house of daggers, who to make up for this oversight all we can say is, should you wish to send over tracks for consideration we’ll be onto them immediately with fond words. That errant mention goes a lot like this – please read as though following the Pictogram mention in the original compilation review …….

…… while pushing it close, the drifting sounds of the house of daggers ‘may tide’ exudes the same serene chill toned cocooning as that ventured on Discordia’s much underrated and sadly overlooked ‘la luna discordia’ set from 2000.

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