‘Unusual Sounds: The Hidden History of Library Music’

Incoming November time, another essential library compilation this time through Anthology which from what we can gather is an offshoot of Mexican summer though don’t take our word for it. The set entitled ‘Unusual Sounds: The Hidden History of Library Music’. Curated by producer David Hollander, this gathering features 20 tracks from the likes of an errant member of Brainticket, Italian composer Stefano Torossi  and that man Keith Mansfield. Just two tracks on the preview player with which to get you in the mood, first up  Stringtronics serve up ‘Tropicola’, an easy on the ear slice of seducing midnight seafaring exotica whose reclining smoke toned jazz dusting might have a fair few of you sloping out looking for your prized Superimposers platters from a few years back. In sharp contrast, the austere VHS vintage that looms icily within Klaus Weiss’ ‘survivor’ is flavoured with the kind of dystopian gouging as found of Tubeway Army’s legendary ‘Replicas’ and with that ought to find fan ship among those of you admiring of the burning witches imprint.



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