Wizards Tell Lies are about to release a collaboration set with Lenina via the fledgling tape imprint Herhalen, alas no sound links just yet, but we’ve just taken delivery of the labels latest outing by duo estlerot entitled ‘ciseaux’. Just 20 copies of this cassette in circulation, the packaging superb featuring a unique burnt card collage – very eye catching, while within and pressed upon the cartridge itself, eleven tracks of delicately crated microtonal sound manipulations, among which we’ve been drawn seduced by the sets longest piece ‘lames gluantes (sombre)’. One for close listening study, the sounds are barely audible, intricate yet seemingly buried in an ever distancing fog and very much sounding for all intents and purposes, like a passing, perhaps more so an epitaph or the slow dying embers of an end game.  

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